Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are included as an important functionality with websites like Everything about cookies has been demonstrated in our cookie policy which is also available with the website. One should carefully go through this page if he or she wants to get acquainted about cookies. So, you must know that cookies are small text files which are generated when the user visits the website.

The computer which operates the website will create these small files which will straightaway get stored in the computer hard drive. A web browser will be used to visit the website The information which gets recorded while browsing can be accessed when the user again goes back to the website provided that the same browser has been used to load the website.

Cookies are unique for a particular browser. So, if you can again visit using a different browser, then you will surely not be able to cash in the information stored in cookies to enhance your experience with us. These little packets of data are use to monitor the web surfing habits of the user. The information which gets collected in the cookies is mainly anonymous and will contain some unique identifiers, the site name and some digits and numbers. applies cookies which will follow our privacy policy. Moreover we want you to be sure that the cookies which are meant to be stored in the user computer are not capable of storing any personal information about the user. Cookies are supposed to gather information related to likes and dislikes of the user. In other words these computer files are harmless in nature. Cookies will respond to you as an individual and are installed by the website so that we can provide best browsing experience to the user.

What are the uses of cookies?

Cookies used by allow the user interact with the website in the most efficient and convenient way. The website will gradually works faster simply by tailoring its operations with the help of cookies. Thereby this will help the user to be able to access the website within quick span and more effectively.

Web page traffic is also controlled by the cookies. In other words the overall count of visitors accessing this site can be determined with the help of cookies. Moreover cookies also help us to know other details like IP address, access time, browser type and language, the source from where the user has been directed to this website, the pages from this site that has been accessed by the user, other sites which are also browsed by the user etc.

For advertising and marketing purpose also these small files have some role to play.

How to delete cookies?

The user should adjust the browser settings in order to refuse accepting cookies.

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