1. What is the need for pureshortloans.co.uk?

We are loan mediators which are a connecting link between lenders and borrowers. So, to get hold of suitable loans one should be applying through our online mode. We are easy to access and can be approached any time. We will assist the borrower in getting lucrative loan offers based on his or her needs.

2. What are the loan choices available here?

pureshortloans.co.uk is not loan providers so here loan choices will not be provided by us rather by lenders. By applying with us one can get access for bad credit installment loans. Now pressing cash crunches can be managed if you get the right amount applied here with us.

3. What are the eligibility conditions to apply here?

pureshortloans.co.uk will allow someone to register only if he or she is of 18 years old, a permanent resident of US and he or she holds an account in some reputed bank. Borrower should be an eligible applicant.

4. How much loan should I borrow?

The applicant can apply a loan amount which should vary from $ 100 to $ 1000. For short term needs loans available with us fits the best. One should determine the amount which he or she wants to apply after considering the present financial stature and ongoing necessities.

5. How can I repay loans?

You can repay the loan amount at own convenience since repayment tenure is a flexible one. The amount can be paid back in the form of small installment amounts.

6. What are the fees?

pureshortloans.co.uk will not charge you with any fees for application and processing purposes. But here the applied amount of loan will carry some amount of interest and APR charges which will be affixed by the lender.

7. Will my personal details be safe with you?

All lenders have a safe application method for the borrower. So, the details which you will be providing in the application will only be disclosed to registered borrowers.

8. How much will it take to disburse my loans?

As soon as you have registered with us we will be able to share your details with potential lenders who will let you know about the rates. Lastly you will just have to compare rates and wait for lender's approval to get access of funds.

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